Valinor Tah'Re was the father of Miragul Tah'Re and former emperor of the Takish Empire. His victory over, and utter destruction of, the ogre city of Toskirakk set in motion the beginnings of a new era in the Takish Empire where the other races were subjugated and extorted for their worth and enslaved under the dal.

History Edit

Valinor Tah'Re was a high ranking general within the dal empire. After the ogre rebellion and subsequent massacre at Quin'Sari by the rebellion, Valinor's knowledge of high magic led him to use a weapon so powerful it completely wiped the great ogre city of Toskirakk off the map within moments of it's use. It was unknown to him the sheer power of this high magic and the events of it's use have haunted him.

Later along his campaign he commanded his assassins on Stillwater. It is unknown for what occurred and why.[1]

Created the Unbroken Chain[1] to root out the Shissar threat after the Shissar War. It was this same group that would then be in charge of the subjugation of the other races during the Takish Age.

He was at some point murdered by his son Miragul Tah're for the throne.

Known Associates Edit

  • Miragul Tah'Re - His ruthless son who assassinated him to gain the crown.
  • Rollo Leafsinger - A Halfling confidant who joined him on his missions throughout the kingdom.
  • Mizana D’Alyn - A devious sorceress who was in charge of the High Magic that Valinor used. She was the one that convinced to use the weapon at Toskirakk.

References Edit

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