The Stars of Home,” is set during the height of the oppressive Takish Empire. It tells the story of Rastimund, a dwarven thief seeking to escape his life of subservience to the elves. Born on the distant world of Akashidak, Rastimund longs to flee Takish’Hiz and gaze once more upon the skies of his youth. A mysterious stranger offers Rastimund a bargain: if the dwarf helps him steal an artifact from the imperial vaults, the stranger will activate the portal to Akashidak and allow Rastimund and his wife to escape. But when events to awry, Rastimund finds himself in the eye of a cataclysmic event that forever changes the future of Norrath.

Chronologically, “The Stars of Home” occurs prior to “The Enemy of My Enemy” and the other tales set during the Dragon War. In the months to come, the fiction program will continue to expand, filling out the timeline of Norrath’s history leading up to the events of EverQuest Next.[1]

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References Edit

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