The Old Road is one of the major highways that reaches most of the continent of Antonica spanning all the way south into the dense Feerrott and into the harshest of climates in Lavastorm. It's age exceeds centuries and possibly millennia being built prior to the Takish Age.[1] Sections of this road have been expanded to connect to the New Road, a more recent highway system.[2]

Description Edit

Paved with stone[2] millennia prior, this road varies in it's degree of upkeep. Expanding most of the continent many areas of high traffic still use the road for trade and commerce[1]. Many abandoned and dangerous areas such as Lavastorm have very little left of the Old Road, as lava flows and other activity have obliterated most of it's expanse, now merely dotting the landscape with sections of road.[1] The Old Road within the dense thicket of the Feerrott jungle spans only an elfs pike long in width with towering walls of fauna starkly bordering it's sides, although in contrast to the dense jungle could feel much like a large chasm.[2]

History Edit

It's origins are currently unknown. The earliest reference to the road was during the Takish Age although it was dilapidated and already superseded by the "New Road".[2]

References Edit

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