The Arch Mage, Part Two”, brings the tale of Coralen Larkos to a close. In the first half of the story, we saw Coralen’s loyalties put to the test. Would he remain true to his best friend Keramore Thex and support the efforts of the Combine, or join with Lady Orprest’s Koada’Dal conspiracy to restore the empire and claim the throne for himself?

His choice made, Coralen sets his plans in motion. With trust in rare supply, the Arch Mage must choose his allies carefully. One wrong move could cost him his reputation and dash his ever-present dreams of glory.

If part one of this story was rooted in political intrigue, part two features the kind of gritty action that has become the hallmark of EQN fiction. Coralen takes on his most daunting challenge yet, and comes face-to-face with a horrifying truth that will shake the Combine to its core.

Chronologically, the events of this story take place after those depicted in “The Mage of the Teir’Dal”.[1]

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References Edit

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