The Takish Empire ruled Amaril from the beginning of the Takish Age until the start of the Dragon War.  It was composed mainly of elves, who dominated the other races, in particular enslaving the ogres, who suffered greatly under their rule.[1] The Empire ultimately fell in the wake of the Sundering, when their capital, Takish'Hiz, was destroyed in a catastrophic portal malfunction, merging part of Akashidak with Norrath, leading to the creation of Ashfang[2]. As a result of this event, the elves lost their use of high magic, and the dragons took the opportunity to invade, killing the emperor and starting the Dragon War.

Notable MembersEdit

Miragul Tah'ReEdit

Main article: Miragul Tah'Re

An Emperor of the Takish Empire who ascended to power after deposing his father.  He is argued to have set in motion the chain of events which led to the Dragon War.[3]


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