Tagnik Vukar was a prison located on the Tagnik plateau in Lavastorm. It served as a regular prison until Emporer Miragul Tah'Re ordered horrible experiments on Dragons that were held captive there. Eventually the indigenous people that were enslaved at Tagnik Vukar rebelled against their Imperial superiors and killed every single Dal that was stationed at the prison. When the Ashfall occured, the prison collapsed and burried its terrible secrets with it.[1]

Description Edit

The prison was divided into a subterranean and a overground part. On the surface was an enormous and utterly bare courtyard. Around it ran the exterior walls with parapets dotted by crenels. Inside the encluse, towards the back of the courtyard, was a square building. Next to that was a set of massive ramshackle huts that served as shelter and work place for the Fire Giants. The square structure was consisted of large square rooms made of gray stone blocks.

Inside the main building a wide, winding ramp led down into the bowels of the mountain range. Occasionally there were landings that would lead to corridors, large steel doors and prison cells. Behind one of these doors was the interrogation room in which the Dragons were tortured.[2]

References Edit

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