Stillwater was a town located within The Commonlands. Home to the famous halfling poet Rollo Leafsinger, the town had a good location near Freeport and Valinor Tah'Re posted a garrison near the town to root out any remaining Shissar influence after the Shissar War. [1]

The Massacre at Stillwater Edit

When Valinor Tah'Re was newly crowned and the first garrisons were established in the Commonlands, the inhabitants accepted it. No one wanted the shissar to reemerge near Stillwater, and the garrisons paid good money for the food and goods they bought. People were saying Stillwater was blessed, and that they hoped the garrison would stay forever.

One day, the garrison stopped paying. The soldiers had papers from the Imperial Court that said they were to be given anything they needed at no charge. Some of the younger folk took to burgling from the garrison to get back what they were owed. They ambushed a wagon bringing pay to the encampment and roughed up the soldiers escorting it. Everyone in Stillwater thought it just, and no one came to any real harm, save for a bit of elven pride.

The garrison in turn surrounded the village and set it ablaze murdering the entire town.[1]


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