Leader Arus (Grand Avatar of the Dear Leader)
Region North Korea / Americas / Anywhere else
Style Everything under the sun and everything under Arus (which encompasses more than the sun)
Language English / Korean

Starfleet Dental is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Established in 2010, Starfleet Dental is the most successful Gaming Community in history. Since our founding Starfleet Dental has won over 130 awards in both professional competitions and community events. We are an extremely well organized, professional and mature organization that places the utmost of importance on teambuilding and performance.

Such is the quality of Starfleet Dental members; we are often involved in the development of games we play. Starfleet Dental has been involved in system testing and quality assurance for over a dozen MMOs and has come to be known as an indispensable resource in the MMO industry. A developer at Realtime Worlds who wished to remain nameless described Starfleet Dental as “a major contributor to the success of APB: All Points Bulletin”.

Joining the guildEdit

External linksEdit

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