The Seraphs, or "The Eight" are a pantheon of eight gods worshiped by the Combine . Each of the gods has a variety of roles within that group, spanning a wide range of influences.


The pantheon was formed in the aftermath of the War of Plagues , when these eight Seraphs became determined to ensure that no single god could gain total influence over Norrath, as Bertoxxulous tried to do.

Although not the only gods, the Seraphs are the set of gods that cover the day-to-day life of the average Norrathian, from childhood until death. These are the gods that common folk relate to.[1][2]


Name Title Influences
Luclin and DrinalThe SeersMoon, shadows, night, autumn, harvest, past, secrets; prophecy, dreams, omens, future
TaylinThe TricksterThievery, secrets, mischief, deception, wit, music, wine, celebration, luck, gambling, illusion
AnashtiThe ReaperDeath, winter, revenge, decay, winter, judgment, cruelty, wrath, plague, undead, retribution, harvesting
SolusekThe ScholarLearning, arcane study, knowledge, history, sun, fire, summer, spell casting, passion, anger
ErollisiThe SowerGrowth, nature, birth, motherhood, love, spring, beauty, fertility, mercy, the arts, wisdom, tranquility, peace, healing
MithanielThe ChampionValor, honor, war, battle, tactics, justice, victory, chivalry, law
BrellThe BuilderSmithing, crafting, invention, construction, innovation, settlement, housing
KaranaThe TravelerJourneys, aging, weather, roads, seas, trade, music, wanderers, the lost, messengers


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