One of the most exciting opportunities around EverQuest Next is Round Table, a way for your opinions to help shape the future of EverQuest Next!

As development on EverQuest Next progresses, we’ll be making all sorts of decisions related to the design of the game. These are decisions that will greatly impact your experience in EverQuest Next, and we want you to share your opinions on these choices with us!

From time to time we’ll release a new poll containing the latest question we want your opinion on. These can be about anything, from the relative beardiness of dwarven ladies, to decisions about how you interact with the world of Norrath itself! By simply answering our poll on the Round Table page, you’ve made the first step in having your opinion heard.

Members of our Dev Team will also weigh in to give their own opinions via Twitter, so feel free to Tweet back at them with your perspective on their thoughts. Their Tweets will be posted in the Round Table section of the website as well, making it easy to see who thinks what about a specific issue.

Finally, those interested in an in-depth discussion on any specific topic can head over to our Round Table Forum to explain, cajole, and plead your case!

With EverQuest Next you are key in shaping the world of Norrath, and that includes its development!

Here are the current Round Table polls:

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