The Ring of Scale includes all Koboldsphyxians, wyverns, drakes and dragons under the command of the dragon Ithiosar the Black.  The Ring operated on the continent of Amaril and was responsible for defeating and expelling the forces of the Combine from Amaril to Kunark during the Dragon War. This was the primary draconic faction on Amaril at the end of the Dal Era.

Notable MembersEdit

Trakanon Edit

Master to Ithiosar[1] (actual leader for Ring of Scale?)

Ithiosar the BlackEdit

Main article: Ithiosar the Black

Ithiosar the Black was an immensely powerful dragon who led the Ring of Scale during the Dragon War.  He personally oversaw the siege of Bastion, and now resides, severely wounded, in the realm of Umbra.

References Edit

  1. eBook: Rise of the Ring ( Pg 15 last two paragraphs

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