Razor was an ogre warrior who led a warband of the ogre army during the dal attack on Toskirakk.

The Razors Edit

The ogres of his warband named themselves "The Razors" in honor of their leader's legendary deeds. When the dal army attacked their home and started to lay siege, Razor split his band into two platoons and tried to weaken the dal by ambushing their scouting troops. His platoon had been 32 strong when they started marching south, but eventually only 3 survived the constant battles in the thick jungle of Feerrott. Among these were Razor himself, his second in command and Daiku bodyguard Kattar and a young ogre named Tork. The three survivers attempted to deliver a warning to Toskirakk, in order to save their brothers and sisters. But the dal noticed them and started chasing them down. The Razors were annihilated entirely when the last living member, Tork, died facing the dal leader Valinor Tah'Re in front of the breached walls of his home, Toskirakk.[1]


Members of "The Razors"

Appearance Edit

Razor was an experienced and victorious warrior, reflected by the many scars he bore. He had furrowed brows and heavily scarred forearms.

"He carried six (daggers), named for the father and five brothers whose lives had been taken in glorious battle. His left hand was long gone, lost fighting alongside those brothers. The wicked serrated blade cunningly woven into the stump was named for his mother, dead at the moment of his birth."[2]

References Edit

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