The Ravaner Wars was a period of conflict during the Age of Ruin. Much remains to be told of this ancient series of battles. What is known is that the Ravaners were beings of Chaos who found their way to Norrath. The Seraphs, a pantheon of many gods (including, but not limited to The Eight) were new to their powers[1], and could not defeat the Ravaners alone. They united with the Dragons, and fought to push back these creatures.[2]

Aftermath of the WarEdit

The Ravaners were a devastating enemy. Countless mortals were slaughtered. The population of dragons was decimated.[3] Even Gods died, including Tunare the Goddess of Growth[4][5]

End of the WarEdit

In the end, Brell, the Builder, was able to use his skills at the forge to bind Oriax and bring an end the Ravaner Wars.[6]


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