Rastimund was a dwarf who was involved in the Ashfall that merged parts of Akashidak, the homeworld of the dwarves and ogres, with Norrath. In the course of the Ashfall the elven city of Takish'Hiz was destroyed and Rastimund was killed.[1]

Rastimund, his brother Calistan and his wife Baritha were dwarven slaves in Takish'Hiz when Rastimund and his brother were coerced by the creature Quintas into stealing a portal gem from the city vaults. In return, Quintas promised them to return the brothers to their homeworld of Akashidak. During the break in, Calistan ran into one of the traps guarding the vault, which instantaneously took his life. Later on, his brother lost all fingers of his left hand when Quintas triggered another trap while opening the actual vault.

They eventually succeeded in opening the vault and stole a valuable gem. Once they fled the city vaults, Rastimund returned to pick up his wife and bring her to the Spires, which is where Quintas would open a passage to Akashidak. However, the gem malfunctioned, killed Quintas and caused the Ashfall, utterly destroying the city and merging part of the dwarven homeworld with Norrath. Rastimund and his wife were one of the many thousands killed by the disaster.[2]

references Edit

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