-EQN-Quixotic2 copy
Leader Khayos and Zarriya
Region North America
Focus PVE
Style Social, Fun, Mature(Adult Humor)
Language English

Quixotic is an EverQuest Next and Landmark guild.

About the guildEdit

PVE - NA - 20+

Looking for a home in Everquest Next and Landmark? Quixotic's goal is to provide an environment that fosters camaraderie between its members. We believe the friendships we form make the games we play even more fun!  Although EQN will allow for multi-guilding, we will not because we feel the bonds you form with your guildmates are important.  You know that you can trust and depend on your guildmates and they can count on you!

We are NOT a hardcore raiding guild, but our members dedicate hardcore amounts of time into experiencing the game. We have seasoned leaders that will ensure the guild runs smoothly. Typical members are social, kind, self starters that are on everyday - harvesting, exploring, grouping, dungeon running, raiding, crafting, fighting in battlegrounds, gaining achievements, collecting, - whatever SOE throws our way. If they offer a PVE, corpse run server we will roll on it!

Never played EQ? That's ok some of us haven't either. Minimum age is 20 years so we are a mature bunch in age but not spirit! We have a lot of fun on vent (required) and this typically will include adult humor & language. Events will vary according to what SOE has in store for us, however we try to finish our runs by 11:00pm EST. We are not a multi-gaming community; we are a North American guild dedicated solely to playing EQNext.

Joining the guildEdit

Please go to our site to find out more information and if Quixotic is right for you!

External linksEdit

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