Race Unknown
Class Mage
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Affiliation Chaos

Shissar Empire (?)

Family Unknown

Quintas was the mysterious, malevolent entity who was directly responsible for the Ashfall and the destruction of Takish'Hiz. He coerced the dwarf Rastimund and his brother into helping him steal a portal gem which he sabotaged and used to activate a Spire, opening a portal to Akashidak.  Due to his interference with the gem, the portal malfunctioned, merging Akashidak with Norrath and destroying the city, transforming it and the surrounding area into the region that would later be known as Ashfang.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Quite what Quintas was is unknown.  However, he displayed strange powers different from other mages at the time.  These included:

  • Shapeshifting.  Quintas initially appeared as an unremarkable elf - this proved not to be his true form, as when he activated the portal, he shifted through a variety of appearances, including that of an ogre, a spectre, and a gnoll.
  • Rewriting portal gems.  Quintas used magic to change the runes on the Akashidak portal gem, changing it so that instead of bringing a traveller to Akashidak, it would bring Akashidak (or at least part of it) to the traveller.  



  • Emperor Ssraeshza - It is possible Quintas was working for Ssraeshza, as history[2] dictates that the Shissar emperor was responsible for the Ashfall, despite Quintas activating the Takish'Hiz Spire.


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