No Poetry in Death, by Robert Lassen, taking place after the events of The Razor's Edge, is about an attempted assassination of Valinor Tah'Re dat the height of subjugation and enslavement during the Takish Empire. Rollo Leafsinger, an educated halfling from The Commonlands, leads a group of conspirators who have crafted, an albeit futile, plan to take the emperor hostage and use him as a bargain chip to release the other races from subjugation. It also gives the perspective of Miragul Tah'Re as he is given a premonition that spells the death of his father within a dream. [1]

Full Summary Edit

Miragul Tah're woke up to a nightmare....*fill this in*

The assassination of Valinor Tah'Re Edit

He gathered a party of assassins to sneak in and take the emperor hostage, using this to negotiate with the Thex family and in turn release the races from their subjugation, only to be ratted out and the plan ruined. He alone escaped the ambush of his party and decided he would wait no longer. He alone scaled the palace in Takish'Hiz and entered an open window that, unbeknownst to him, led him into the room of the sleeping prince Miragul, his former student. He tried to reason with the boy and placate him but it was of no use, the boy had grown into a dal of spoilt mischief and entitlement. The halfling ran from the boy after he attacked and was chased out of the palace barely escaping death, of which four other guards lost their lives because of the princes carelessness. It is unknown what happened to the elder halfling after this escape.

Party of Assassins Edit

  • Castigan - an apologetic elven slaver who stationed ogres within the palace
  • Drek - a dwarf with connections for supplies, he was the rat that led to the capture of the group.

The party was seen being sent to their execution.

References Edit

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