Necromancer is one of the classes available to play in EverQuest Next.

Wielding a Tome and Focus or a Dagger and Focus object, the necromancer summons destructive chaotic energies and comes with a companion, a Monstrosity that grows in power with its master.[1].

Necromancers have:

  • Four currently unknown abilities slots


Traditionally, a necromancer practises the art of necromancy, the raising of the dead to do one's bidding. Although it has associations with the Erudites of Odus[2], it was also practised by others during the Dragon War.

Notable NecromancersEdit

Ithiosar the BlackEdit

Main article: Ithiosar the Black

Ithiosar the Black was the dragon leader of the Ring of Scale during the Dragon War.  He displayed necromantic powers when he raised the corpse of Coralen Larkos as a lich at the end of the siege of Bastion.[3]



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