Myris'Hul is a city within the continent of Amaril.


Myris'Hul was on the edge of a mountainous region overlooking what was once a fertile plain, a four day march from the town of Bellridge[1], and far north of Bastion[2].

The region around Myris'Hul was once verdant. By the time of the conference at Lady Orprest D'Ferren's manor, a brutal drought had long since destroyed all greenery for miles.[3]. The city extends from a cool mountainous region to the sun-scorched plains below.

Points of InterestEdit

Guildhall ArcanaEdit

The Guildhall Arcana was built on top of the old barracks of Myris'Hul. Prince Keramore Thex provided the artists and crafters that turned the run down buildings into the new Guildhall of the Guild of Mages, decorated with fountains and murals.[4]


During the Takish Age, it was home to one of the estates of House Tah'Re[5] During the Dragon War, it was governed by Lady Orprest D'Ferren, the widow of Mayor Lord D’Ferren[6]. The site was the location of the Combine Accord, a conference meant to unite the races of Norrath under a single banner. The manor of Lady Orprest was besieged by Ithiosar following a failed attempt to assassinate the House of Thex, the officials leading the unification.[7]

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