Magic in the world of Everquest Next is considered to be an advanced technology and can take many forms; the Combine uses magelight to illuminate the streets of Qeynos[1], the Takish Empire used magic as weapons of annihilation, and people use magic to bend the world to their will. There are also organisms of magic such as the dragons.

Within combat in Norrath magic can be divided into three different schools.

Schools of combative magic Edit

Elemental magic is the manipulation of the elements. It is broken down into the schools of:

Mental magic describes the manipulation of the mind and body. It consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Compulsion (seizing control of the mind and will of another)

Dark Magic describes magic abilities that involve or focus solely on pain and death. Spells of this school include:

Sources of Magic Edit

There are three sources of magic within the realms of Everquest.

Mithyr - a general term for a concentration of magic. Arcane in nature, It can refer to something small, such as a minor fire mithyr that might be imbued into a weapon, or an extremely potent concentration of magic. As dragon hearts (the essence of a dragon's being) are concentrations of magic, it could be referred to as a mithyr heart.

Sephyr - also a concentration of magic, but one that is exponentially more potent than the average mithyr. Mortals didn't understand how to tap into them... until Solusek figured it out. It is likely considered divine magic.

Primyr - is the third form of magic, but at this time it is unknown what's officially in this category. It is possibly primal forces like those of nature, such as the Nor'l, that are uncontrollable. It is assumed that not even the gods can access this source. [5]


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