Learo Solais
Proud descendants of the Gypsies of Amaril
Leader Council of Elders
Region US (International)
Focus Moderate Roleplay, PVE, Exploration
Style Casual, friend focused
Language English

Learo Solais is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Our name means "Glimmer of Light" and that is what we hope to bring to the darkness that has come to envelop our homelands. We are descendants of the gypsies of Amaril. We are all refugees and outcasts in these bleak times. We all have suffered losses and many of us have burdens too great to bear alone. It is in times such as these that we need to reach out to kindred spirits and band together in solidarity.

Learo Solais is made up of a tight knit group of adventurers from various realms. We take great pride in our commitment to each other and to the contributions that we can make to the community at large. Members of Learo Solais are explorers and entertainers at heart who seek to kindle the spark of creativity in all aspects of their lives within Norrath.

((Learo Solais is a Roleplaying guild set in the world of EverQuest Next/Landmark. We are accepting members of all levels of experience into our casual, family friendly guild. For more information about Learo Solais, visit us at or ))

Joining the guildEdit

•Submit an application from our website - This application will be reviewed by all members of Learo Solais who are encouraged to provide feedback.

•Introduce yourself in the forums - We don't just play together online. We are a community of friends. Use the forums to get to know each other and share your ideas.

•Interview - Preferably in-game by a guild elder or official sponsor (this step will be implemented once the game goes live)

•It may be necessary for the application to be further reviewed; however, based upon the success of the interview, an invitation may be issued.

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