Koan Gamysh is a human monk, who fled the village of Ojin in the Desert of Ro with his sister Qora, when it was raided by the pirates of Majdul. They managed to survive the harsh conditions of the desert and ended up as initiates in the Ashen Order. They both rose to the rank of a Master (Sensei).[1]

Family Edit

Koan used to live with his twin sister Qora, her older brother Arri and her father in the coastal city of Ojin, where his parents ran a workshop. Koan was 18 when his father was killed by the pirates and his older brother Arri sacrificed himself, so that the twins could escape. 12 years later Qora and Koan faced their 4 year older brother, when they find out that Majdul had taken possession of him and used his body as new host to continue his raids on the coastal towns of the Desert of Ro.[2]

References Edit

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