Knights of the Round Table
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot
Leader N/A Run by all around a Round Table
Region Europe - UK
Focus Casual play - community
Style laid back, humorous
Language English

Knights of the Round Table is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Hello there! How to explain this guild in less than a massive rambling mess on this page? Well, back when the first Everquest came out one of the big things was that everyone had to help each other out and this created great communities. Over time though, this feeling of community is something that has been lost in recent MMO's, which results in things like area chats being nothing more than an abuse filled rant-fest.

This is something we're aiming to change, at least with the guild. We're called Knights of the Round Table as all our members have a voice in how the guild is run and the activities it gets involved in. For those who know their folk lore, The Round Table was something that King Arthur of Camelot came up with so that he and his knights would all be equal at the table and all their opinions would be as valid as anyone else's at the table.

If you'd like to read about that process in more detail, read this: About Us

Joining the guildEdit

When it comes to recruitment, The Knights of the Round Table is probably one of the most relaxed around. We don't push certain aspects of gameplay, as we will probably dabble in all aspects of the game. Equally, we don't have any particularly hard to understand rules, yet what does this mean when it comes to wanting to join us?

What we would like from you

Quite simply, be yourself. Post in our recruitment area about what you think our members would like to know about you. There's no right or wrong answer to it, it's just a nice way for existing members to get to know you.

External linksEdit

Please visit our website, as it's all shiny and new and contains far more information than we could possibly want to fill a wiki page with ;)

Knights of the Round Table

Knights of the Round Table Facebook Page

Knights of the Round Table Twitter

Knights of the Round Table Twitch Stream

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