The Keldarain was an alliance of four races[1] which inhabited Norrath during the Keldarain Era: elddar, akhevan, vorah, and pridak.[2] Very little is known about them, except that an uncertain number of them formed spiritual bonds with dragons, becoming Dragon Knights.

They all died after the cataclysmic event that ended their age, and their essences were dissolved and re-combined into the races that followed once the Nor'l had sufficiently healed.[3]

Dragon KnightsEdit

Main article: Dragon Knights

The Keldarain had a much closer relationship with the dragons; they lived side by side, shared knowledge, and ventured through the portals to explore other realms together. They even founded an order of Dragon Knights, which bonded a mortal with a dragon. A spiritual connection bound the two together, and through this connection a bit of dragon essence was absorbed by the Keldarain who underwent the bonding ritual. This essence made its way into the gene pool, though mostly in subtle and latent ways.

End of the Keldarain EraEdit

After a cataclysmic event which severely wounded the Nor'I, the Keldarian, unable to sustain their connection to the life-giving Nor'I, died off. Although their essence faded, it remained a part of Norrath. When new races arose, although they were distinct, the new races retained ties to the genetic essence of the extinct Keldarain, which mixed and blended in new and different ways.


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