Ithiosar the Black
Color Black
Elemental Breath Acid
Status Alive
Location Umbra
Affiliation Ring of Scale
Family Unknown

Ithiosar the Black was a leader of the Ring of Scale during the Dragon War, and personally oversaw many of its battles, most notably including the siege of Bastion[1].  He was also one of the primary instigators of the devestating conflict, convincing the draconic elders that war was the only conceivable option.  He was immensely powerful, to such a degree that he was only ever defeated once, by the Arch Mage Coralen Larkos[2]. However, his inability to accept failure proved ultimately to be his undoing, as his pursuit of the Teir'Dal through an ancient portal resulted in both the loss of his tail and hind leg, and his exile to Umbra.[3] He has not been seen since and is assumed to have stayed within the Umbra. [4]  


Despite his extreme actions, Ithiosar does not believe himself to be evil.  He feels he is doing what he must, both for his people and for the good of Norrath itself.  It certainly cannot be said that he does not relish seeing mortals suffer, but from a certain point of view, he has his reasons.[5]

Exile in the Umbra Edit

During his initial arrival in the Umbra he lost one of his hind legs and his tail and quickly got lost in the eternal darkness of the Umbra within the Sea of Glass. He was found by an ahkevan named Aten who was sent to bring her to the City of Shadow. The Prince had seen Ithiosar go into the portal and sent Aten to bring her to the city. Once Ithiosar reached the city it was in ruin and the creatures like Aten were all over the place tunneling into the ground and walls for food. At the center of the city was a statue of Innoruuk upon the dragon Vyskudra.

He was dragged into the fountain near the statue and was reunited with Innoruuk who showed him that he was actually that of the reborn spirit of Vyskudra, his former companion millenia prior. He then was healed of his wounds and given new powers by Innoruuk, a taste of what was to come, and saw the corruption of the Teir'dal and their march back into Norrath. [4]


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