Irthos Clan
Leader Yotan Annyo
Region United States of America
Focus Native-American based tribal theme
Style Heavy RP, Social, Causal, PvE, Iksar
Server TDA
Language English

Irthos Clan is an EverQuest Next guild.

Summary • Edit

The Irthos clan is a tribal Iksar clan based off of old Native-American hunting and gathering style setup. The clan itself is secluded, sheltered and withdrawn from the rest of their kin. Where both the males and females of the clan contribute to the greater whole of the clan. Where hatchlings and children grow up to understand the way of life, become respectful of the land, their elders, and to become a full member earning their place. While the clan is rich in rituals and traditions strengthening the bounds between kin with kin, brood with brood, and race with race. Like much of their kin they wish nothing more then to help those within the clan prosper and become great. However it is not through force, sure they will defend what is theirs, but they will rise to greatest on their own terms.

For those bothers and sisters looking to either become part of a family tribal setting, aid and perhaps guide others of our kin to a better way you are welcome to join the Irthos.

Or conceivably you could be of another race willing to aid those of scale and tail to a better way. Perhaps you might be the one looking for a better way of life yourself upon which you are also welcome to join the Irthos.

• Message from the Rimem • Edit

"Brothers and Sisters,

Upon the following years after our enslavement as we thrived to become our own. Their are those that seek to do harm, or take our kin down a path like that of those who first breed us. Such a choices have caused injustices, discrimination's, and many deaths of our kin. Such ways should not be our own. To truly come our own we should learn, adapt, and rise above that for which we were breed for. Seek out which we believe in. To give the broods within the clan a place to raise their hatchlings in a place where they themselves will not grow to serve themselves but to aid and strengthen their kin as a whole.

Till such time one offers you a place of security, and where kin can be and not fear that of which follows them.

`Rimem Yotan Annyo"

To read the rest of the Rimem message have a look here.

• What is offered: Personality and Uniqueness • Edit

What the Irthos Clan brings to the player is not only a place for them to belong but also their characters. The clan has not only a rich history but also characters and unique clan members envisioning a future for the clan as well. Stories that are worth your character to sit at a camp fire and listen too and perhaps even tell their own stories.

We also offer others unique additions for the clan members:

  • Our Codex provides the clan with unique way of communication that is not used by other guilds. More information is given to only clan members.
  • Our ranks and roles play an important part as the clan can not only function without structure. Beyond that of ranks to keep order. While the real gems are the roles within the clan. It put characters in a place where they are

not only helping others, but also gives them a sense of propose and responsibility.

In the Clan Lexicon section adds additional information on the clan. What makes it different and all together gives the clan itself a personality.

  • When members join and they choose what role the will to be in the clan. Clan members are given the choose of their markings and beads that clan members wear to not only identify them from each other but also they belonging to the clan.
  • Part of the clan's rich history are that of rituals and ceremonies. A time where clan members celebrate new additions to the clan, rite of passage, ceremonies of growth, and festivals.
  • Saving the best for last is Ordeals. Ordeals are where a clan member can challenge another clan member to maybe a test of strength, to resolved a person issue between them, or maybe the need to straighten out the respect the character is not given.
  • For a limited time the Rimem (guild leader), yes the Rimem is offering the ability to have your character be apart of the two start clan broods by opening them up. This means your character can be either a sibling, child, Nephew/Niece, a descendent, or a great descendent of those broods.  There are some restrictions please contact Yotan for details either by going to the Irthos Clan website.  This offer will cease at the launch of EQN.

• Crucial Information • Edit

The following is other information that will provide pivotal information for you to make your choice.

If you feel that this clan is what you want to join and you believe you made the right choice. Then you are more then welcome to Speak with a Tilabili (Elder) of the clan.

• Community Information • Edit

Lore Section

External linksEdit

Guild Site

EQN-RP Community Page

EQN-RP Wiki page

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