Innoruuk, is a fallen Seraph, and was a former herald of Lamashtu but the Queen is now long gone and Innoruuk has his own desires. He created a new race of dark beings out of the Teir'Dal who fled into the Umbra. It seems he uses the city of Vex Thal as his seat of power and it's people as an instrument to lure those he needs into his control. His last known actions were to send his newly created Teir'Dal back into Norrath in order to spread his influence and take over all of Norrath along with Ithiosar the Black who stayed within the Umbra.[1]

“One day all of Norrath will be mine. And you shall rule by my side.” - Innoruuk to Ithiosar, as the transformed Teir'Dal reentered the portal into Norrath.

Innoruuk Tha En Edit

Innoruuk Tha En was an akhevan Dragon Knight during the Keldarain Era and squire to Druzzil Ro, the Star Rider. He was the first mortal to take part in a Bonding with a dragon, the Lady Vyskudra the Stormrider. They merged essences, his of the Nor'I and hers of Veeshan.

Innoruuk then after was Vyskudra's rider. They had the ability to communicate through thoughts, and he could feel an echo of her feelings as is own. They rode into battle with two other dragon riders, along with the Keldarain armies, against fire titans at Mount Cindermaw, and other large scale events, until Solusek gave him the chance to become a Seraph, which would sever the tie of their Bonding and change the fate of Norrath forever.[1]

The Fallen Seraph Edit

Solusek discovered a way to tap into the magic of the sephyr, but it was only mortals who could do so. He found Innoruuk, at the time a great Dragon Knight and the first to take part in a Bonding, a prime mortal to take in the power of a sephyr and become an immortal known as a Seraph. Millennia later, it is unknown how or why, but Innoruuk betrayed the other Seraphs and became a Herald of Lamashtu, fighting with the Ravaners against the races of Norrath during the Ravaner Wars in order to bring chaos into a world of order.

He attempted to convert his old bonded dragon, Vyskudra, to the side of Chaos, but failed after Yelinak killed her, himself, in order to stop his corruption, a deed Vyskudra didn't take lightly as that hatred followed her into her new body millennia later in that of Ithiosar the Black.[1]

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