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  • Early concept art of different possible Iksar designs.
  • Concept art of possible Iksar faces.
  • Concept art of possible Iksar armor designs.
The Iksar are a race of lizardmen in EverQuest Next. The Iksar are from the unexplored continent of Kunark.

History Edit

When the Shissar enslaved the many sentient races on the unexplored continent they bred the Iksar into a race of soldiers. During the Age of Exile when the Combine landed on Kunark, the Iksar helped to enslave them under the Shissar. The Iksar wanted freedom from their Shissar overlords so they joined the Combine to fight back the Shissar. Venril Sathir rose to prominence within the Iksar, and soon certain factions within the Iksar became determined to possess the old knowledge of the Combine. They intend to use the Combine for their selfish purposes, but the Combine refused to yield. Once again, they were forced to flee. Along with some Iksar who were sympathetic to the Combine's cause, they made the decision to return and retake their homeland of Kunark. A large amount of Iksar did stay with the Combine and sailed to Antonica with them, beginning the Age of Heroes.

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