The House of Thex is one of the most ancient noble Houses of the Dal

The seat of House Thex was a Keep called Neriak which, during the Age of Rebirth became the capital of the unified kingdom known as Amaril.[1]

History of House ThexEdit

In order to gain the support of the people, the Thex attempted to walk the line between the divergent viewpoints of the Koada'Dal, who feared that other races were a threat to the peace and prosperity of the Elven Empire, and the Feir'Dal who, living alongside the other races did not share these fears. When the infiltration by the Shissar brought validation to the Koada'Dal's fears, the stability of the Thex Monarchy began to crumble. General Valinor Tah'Re, the one who had exposed the Shissar menace, was embraced by the Koada'Dal as the epitome of what an elf should represent. The Koada'Dal nobles pushed the idea that a single empire under the governance of Norrath's finest protector would keep the world safe. Despite not having universal acceptance, the Takish Empire began. To pacify elven traditionalists, the new empire did not supplant the Thex regin. For the good of his people, the weakened king ultimately bent the knee. Other kingdoms followed suit.[2]

Despite submitting to the Takish Empire, House Thex always rejected the idea of elven superiority, which is one of the reasons the Koada'Dal purists wanted to put their an Emperor in place over their own ancestral monarchs.[3]

Notable MembersEdit


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