Concept art of a halfling
Playable Unconfirmed
Home Amaril
Associated Deities Seraphs
Leader(s) Combine
Related Races related

Halflings are an as yet unconfirmed playable race in Everquest Next, although many a hint from the devs has led players to believe they will be the final unannounced playable race at launch. They are considered a short race, usually half the height of a normal human, hence the name. Their short stature leads them to take positions in reconnaissance and scouting for the Combine.[1]

Lore Edit

Halflings have adventurous spirits and are quite outgoing. Many of history's most renowned explorers and cartographers have been halflings. In fact, they named many locations around Amaril--although perhaps surprisingly, they tended toward practical names that were easy to remember: the Commonlands, Rivervale, Freeport, Oceangreen, Jaggedpine, etc. It's been said that the early explorers always intended to go back through and change the names to something more flavorful, but by that time the names had stuck so there was no point to it.

They are clever and opportunistic, qualities which have proven useful in commerce. Halfling merchants are always looking for new markets and business allies. When they met the kerrans, there was an instant friendship based on mutual benefit. Kerran ships could carry halfling goods to far-away lands, and the halflings could negotiate on behalf of their feline friends.[2]

There are Halfling settlements scattered across Antonica[3]

Lifestyle & Society Edit

Halflings have a sense of style. Not just meaning fashion, although many possess a penchant for fine clothes and hats with bold colors and patterns, they have a sort of dashing savoir faire about them, with a flair for the dramatic. They love music, songs, and staging grand theatrical productions. They are swashbuckling heroes known for their courage.

They're not all goody-goody, of course. Business is business, and halflings will go to great lengths to ensure a deal goes in their favor. Some fall into mischief and run afoul of the law. Their nimble fingers make for skilled thieves and pickpockets. A certain amount of deception and burglary is accepted--even admired--in halfling society. So long as you don't get caught, of course.

Halflings have an abiding love of family, and will go above and beyond to aid friend or kin. They relish a good meal and are known for their baked goods... including pies. They also cultivate groves of jumjum bushes, using the delicious berries in a wide variety of goods, including fine wine that is coveted by the other kingdoms.[2]


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