Guilds are the heart of any MMORPG. Make sure your EverQuest Next guild is listed here for others to find. If you decide to create a wiki page for your guild, please name it with the prefix "Guild:" eg. "Guild: The League of Shadows".  

North American GuildsEdit

Elysium PvE/PvP Social Progressive guild. 

For more information on each guild, click on the links above.

International GuildsEdit

For more information on each guild, click on the links above.

Instructions for adding your guild to this list:

  • Click "Edit" at the top left of the page.
  • Choose between "North American" and "International" Guilds sections.
  • Select the last bullet point item and tap "Enter/Return" on your keyboard after the last letter. a new bullet point will appear.
  • Add the name of your guild in that bullet point.
  • If your guild is something different than normal (i.e. PvP, Roleplay, etc.) please specify that in parenthesis.
  • Select the name of your guild with your mouse.
  • Click the "link" button at the top (looks like a link).
  • Enter either the URL of your guild in the link section OR the name of your guild's page (should already exist on the Wikia). For help creating a new page for your guild, click here. If you create a new page for your guild, make sure to use the "Guilds" category.

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