The Guild of Mages is a society dedicated to the preservation and teaching of magic and is led by the Arch Mage.

Locations Edit

The Guild used to maintain a location in Takish'Hiz known as the Keeper's Tower.  In later days, however, Prince Keramore Thex provided crafters and artists to turn the old barracks of Myris'Hul into the Guildhall Arcana. The buildings were provided by Lady Orprest D'Ferren.[1] The courtyard of the Guildhall Arcana is confined by an ivy-clad wall, its previously warlike exterior softened by the addition of fountains and murals. [2]

Appearance Edit

Students of the Guild of Mages are dressed in light-gray tunics during the summer. Tutors are dressed in dark brown tunics. Full Guild members wear a silver sigil.[3]

Sigil Edit

The sigil of the Guild of Mages is made of colors that each represent a school of magic, such as blue for Ice and red for Fire.[4]


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