EQN Inquisition copy

The Inquisition

The Inquisition
Leader Gobshight
Region Europe
Focus A mix of Raiding, Soloing, PVE, PVP and Crafting
Style A mix of Casual and HC
Server Coming soon...
Language English
Website Coming soon...

The Inquisition is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

The Inquisition will be about progression on all of the game's fronts. As mentioned above we will be looking to have at least 1 raid force, preferably more as time goes on. We will also be wanting a force of players dedicated to the PVP side of things (working under the assumption that EQN will have something similar to Battle Grounds in EQ2), as well as a force of crafters, solo-ers and decorators / Landmark-ers.

To avoid confusion the guild will be broken down into 4 divisions;

-Ordo Malleus - This will be for our dedicated crafters, decorators / Landmark-ers.

- Ordo Hereticus - This will be for our PVP-ers

- Ordo Xenos - This will be for our raiders (both casual and hardcore)

- Chamber Militant - This will be for our casual players who do not wish to specialise in any particular play style.

Each division will be lead by a High Lord, whom of which will make up the Inquisition's Council. Totalling in 5 total members, one of which is the guild's leader.

The overall goal the Inquisition is to become a mighty force to be reckoned with on each front, and to be a home for numerous players to progress, socialise and have fun.

Joining the guildEdit

For the time being please send an email showing your interest in joining or any questions you may have to the following address -

External linksEdit

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