The Heroic Dead

The Heroic Dead

|px|The Heroic Dead]]
The Heroic Dead
Leader Sablehawk
Region North America
Focus PVE
Style Family/Casual
Language English

The Heroic Dead is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

The Heroic Dead is a friendly, adult, family oriented group of gamers that have come together to enjoy gaming together no matter where that takes us. We are a casual guild who concentrates on having fun with a group of people online while exploring and crafting within the gaming environment. We love to play but are mature enough to realize that gaming isn’t necessarily #1 in our schedules. Most of our members are adults with jobs and families. With these situations it is not unusual to see folks logging out to “put the kids to bed” or “spend a quality night” with significant others. What matters to us is having fun when we can and enjoying each others company.

We are not a raiding or progression guild even though we do enjoy a dungeon run now and then. The type of people we look for to join the guild need to be like minded in regards to our mission statement and able to have fun without drama.

· About Us – Originally founded as The Crimson Wind for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes in 2006 we are like any other guild. We have played good games and bad games and have went through growth spurts and dry spells as any guild will from time to time. Through all this time we have kept up the fight to find the next “long term” game. Many of our members played the original Everquest and hope that Everquest Next will be able to be our home for quite some time.

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