Hi, I am Ssidistik.

I have had a SoE account for over 14 years now and play almost all of the SoE games out. Tacit Aegis was a guild on the VallonZek PvP server of classic Everquest since 1999. Family and friends have been playing the EQ franchise together for years and years. At this time we are all watching EQN very close and are SUPER excited about this next chapter of EQ!

Playing EverQuest & EverQuest2 at this point we are inviting any and all player types to join us and discuss EQN while we play EQ or EQ2 aswell as LoN ,Planetside2 or DCuO. We stream on and have a ventrilo server anyone can join,  A collective of over 100 years of gaming (this is just 6 of us) we have played many genras from many Dev companys always finding ourselfs back with SoE because, well, SoE invents them and others ruin them. If a family guild with a mix of hardcore or casual PvP, PvE, crafters and decorators then stop by our broadcast to see what we are up to today.

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