Shard Collectors is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Once upon a time, back in the first months of 2005, there was a young Ogre named Filmore Graves running around the Commonlands with 75% XP debt. Everywhere he turned, lo and behold, there was one of his Spirit Shards... mocking him and his severely weakened state. Pondering the reasons behind him being 18 Spirit Shards down at the time... and none of them within his ability to retrieve, he came to a startling realization: Filmore needed help. Sending a call for aide high and low ("Help me, I'm 18 Shards down and can't move because my strength is now that of 2 day old Mole Rat"), Filmore awaited a response. To his chagrin, people responded in droves ("Gimp!" "LMAO" "OMGZ!", etc.). Eventually though, a small group of like minded individuals (all with 50%+ XP debt), did form up and decided that working together to collect everyone's Spirit Shards might be a good idea.

Even though no more than a couple were ever retrieved (not to mention a few more were lost in the effort)... and the whole group was forced to camp out for 48 hours and reflect on the errors of their ways... some great friendships were made.

The foundation of what was to become one of the largest EverQuest 2 guilds Worldwide was born that day: "Guys, we are terrible at this game and no one wants to help us because we keep giving them group XP debt and Shard runs.....want to form a guild? We could call ourselves the Shard Collectors since that's all we ever do" ... others: "Sure, nothing else to do until this debt wears off anyway".

As time went by, the Shard Collectors noticed that the Unrest server's raiding crews were threatening to usurp all the coveted "Most Deaths on the Server" leader positions... and decided that things needed a shakin' up. Those positions were there for the taking! It was the begining of the end for rational thought, *however* it is also widely accepted as being the single most defining moment in the history of several prominent tradeskillers, as well as some notable game developers.

Legend has it that immediately following none other than the very first Shard Collectors raid...the future ideas of Repair Kits, Mendor Bots, removal of noteworthy Death Penalties and the addition of EQ2 AAs to boost characters abilities were conceived.

PS.....then we killed some stuff.

Joining the guildEdit

The guild is prepping for EQNext. You can find us Facebook at EQNext Shard Collectors.

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