"Evil with Honor"

| Leaders       Krintek/Aeviel/Whistler/Laira
| Region        United States
| Focus         Community and all aspects of the game offered.
| Style         Roleplay (Evil Aligned)
| Server        Alpha
| Language      English

Shadow Guard is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Shadow Guard was founded in 1999 by Maugrim on the EverQuest server Erolissi Marr. It's original purpose was to offer an evil aligned roleplay guild to play off of the good aligned ones on the server. "Evil with Honor" became the tagline. Since then, we have traversed many games over many years. EverQuest on the Erolissi Marr, Vallon and Sullon Zek servers, Shadowbane on the Treachery server, EverQuest 2 on the Lucan D'Lere server (as Obsidian Hand) and later the Venekor/Nagafen servers, Vanguard on the Florence RP server, Rift on the Faeblight server and Star Wars The Old Republic on the Begeren Colony server. Maugrim retired from the guild shortly after the launch of EverQuest 2 and handed the reigns off to Krintek, who had been leading a section of the guild since their Sullon/Vallon Zek server days.

We are always seeking highly skilled adventures to add to our might.

Our prime focus is to enjoy our time in EQNL and EQN in a relaxed roleplay environment on a designated RP server. Our guild has rules, but we are not harsh taskmasters. We do not demand a minimum playtime or punish our members for being casual gamers. We have hardcore players as well as occasional players living among us in friendship. Both role-players and the role-play friendly call us home.

Joining the guildEdit

Meet us in the game or look up our website. There is a trial period in place to make sure we're what you are looking for.

External linksEdit

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