The Scions of Norrath
The Scions of Norrath (Light)

The Scions of Norrath guild logo

Leader Aegir Rumbleforge, Elladron, Hydroc
Region North America (large portion in Central Time Zone)
Style Social, Mature, Fun, Light Roleplaying, Camaraderie, Building, Dungeon Running,

Scions of Norrath is an EverQuest Next / Landmark (and all around gaming) guild.

About the guildEdit

The Scions of Norrath was formed from a random chance EverQuest 2 grouping in early 2005.

A Dwarven Paladin, a High Elf Templar, and a Dark Elf Ranger banded together to defeat a dangerous Gnoll by the name of Grolven Chiptooth who was terrorizing travelers outside of Blackburrow. Emerging victorious, they proceeded to help the Dark Elf break free from the tyranny of Freeport and become a citizen of Qeynos - and (with new friends in tow) formed a small guild called The Scions of Norrath.

They have been been playing online games together in various forms ever since.

The Scions are a mature guild of members who are dedicated to helping each other as well as almost any other they come across who might require their assistance. They are not intimidated by defeat (in fact, some of our most memorable victories happen long after many people would give up) or unfavorable odds. We enjoy spontaneous RP as much as diving into the Dungeons, and generally keep a lighthearted mood for both and everything in between.

Joining the guildEdit

The Scions have been a very close-knit yet small guild historically, but are looking to expand with other like minded players in the new age of EverQuest Next. Should you happen to adventure with us sometime, and have fun doing so, you may be welcomed to join if that is something you wish. Also, should you become friends with a Scion, they may pass a invite your way.

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