Leader Axumi and Weva(two former Strike members from oldish EQ2)
Region We are USE, but of course you can be from anywhere you want to join =).
Focus End game content and premier raiding guild
Style Hardcore raiding guild//end-game
Server TBA
Language English
Website TBA

EoLithic is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Our main goal is to dedicate the time necessary to become a premier end game content//raiding guild. We want to incorporate elite players that love playing the game and raiding like we do. We will have many former Strike Everquest II players and elite players from Everquest II.

Although we will be an elite guild we want players who are not temperamental and act like children.

Since loot is a highly debated topic, we will NOT use DKP or anything of the sort. The loot will be given out by discussing it between the leaders and the players that need the item and can determine whom it may be better on and help the raid more with, as that is the goal of loot, to make the raid better, at least until the content is on farm.

Joining the guildEdit

To join the guild, one can apply at our guild website,

The guild site is a little rough, but I will update it soon with a LOT of information, also since Landmark is being launched in February, we can coordinate buildings and work together to create some amazing art!!

External linksEdit

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