Eleven Tens
Leader DripFlux
Language English

Eleven Tens is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit


Who we are:

1. We are Eleven Tens (1110s), we are a community of gamers who are currently, former, or associated with Surface Warfare Officers.

2. Our favorite color is haze gray, we are at home when we are underway, and a half-day of work is 12-hours.

What is Eleven Tens:

1. Eleven Tens is a gaming community for SWOs past, present, and future (1160s).

2. Eleven Tens is a community of gamers who range from recreational gamers to hardcore gamers that spans across many games.

3. Eleven Tens is a community of gamers who look to enjoy games with other like minded gamers.

What Eleven Tens is not:

1. Eleven Tens is not associated in any capacity to any government organization in an official capacity.

Joining the guildEdit


1. Membership is open to past, present, and future SWOs, and those granted membership by qualified members.

2. There are no real-world wardroom dues to become a member of Eleven Tens.

3. Members who display a lack of real-world honor, or courage shall be removed from the organization.

To request membership contact a qualified member.

External linksEdit

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