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Dragon's Tear Tavern

Dragon's Tear Tavern
Leader CommanderDoug
Region US
Focus Social play
Server TBD
Language English

Dragon's Tear Tavern is an EverQuest Next and Landmark guild.

About the guildEdit

The Dragon's Tear Tavern guild is a place for members of the Dragon's Tear Tavern social gaming web site ( to gather, socialize, build and play together.  We are a social group with game play ranging from content consumption (casual/social play) to raiding (medium-core level (we don't take the world too seriously)).

Joining the guildEdit

Joining the Dragon's Tear Tavern guild is simple, register (always free) on, come get to know us and play some great on-line games. Once the guilds are set-up in EQNext/Landmark, we will make all of it official. Until then, we can use the DTT forums for our EQNext and Landmark discussions and preparation.  Come help us make Norrath a better place for all!

External linksEdit

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