Disciples of Vox
Commission disciples of vox logo by lynxxy83-d6rjpts
Leader Banin
Region United States of America
Focus PvE, Raiding, PvP, Community
Style High Casual
Server N/A
Language English

Disciples of Vox is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

We are the Disciples of Vox and we are a new guild for the upcoming SOE mmorpg EverQuest Next. We believe that a guild is only as good as it's weakest link and the quality of the guild is only as good as the quality of the server. In that respect we plan to do everything we can to make each of our members the best they can be and we intend to be a force in the community of the server we are on to better the quality of the server.

We want to be medium to medium-large guild with a focus on PvE, Raiding, PvP and Community development. We are not a hardcore guild but we are not super casual either, we try to find a happy medium. We welcome members of all levels of mmorpg experience and hope to offer a kind and welcoming environment to everyone who wants to call DoV their home. We are going to be active pre-lauch creating videos, writing on various forums, asking developers questions and attempting to keep the community up-to-date on all matters EQNext with our Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Google + pages. Post-launch we will be leveling, grouping, crafting and much more! Here at DoV we think that this game is going to be a breaking of the standard way mmorpg's have been built and will usher in a new way of gaming. That being said we hope to get on the ground floor and become one of the best guilds on our server not by just raiding but by reputation and quality of players.

Does this interest you? Are you a player who wants to get involved and be pro-active in the release of this awesome game? Then get over to our website and apply to join the ranks of DoV!


Joining the guildEdit

Fill out the application on the guild's website.

External linksEdit

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