So now you know what's next. The world of Norrath is wrought anew, and amidst all the upheaval are countless opportunities for adventure. EverQuest Next promises to throw the MMO world for a loop with unique systems, a malleable world, and an evolving, ever-expanding story. Stay up to date with all the latest developments and know exactly what awaits you when the new order emerges.

EverQuest Next SOE Live Class Videos03:09

EverQuest Next SOE Live Class Videos

EverQuest Next Classes Preview

SOE Live 2014 Storybricks - The Content of EQ Next46:54

SOE Live 2014 Storybricks - The Content of EQ Next

The Content of EQ Next

EverQuest Next SOELive 2014 Keynote OFFICIAL01:01:04

EverQuest Next SOELive 2014 Keynote OFFICIAL

SOELive 2014 Keynote

EverQuest Next Large-Scale Destruction00:32

EverQuest Next Large-Scale Destruction

Large-Scale Destruction

EverQuest Next Citadel Battle00:48

EverQuest Next Citadel Battle

EverQuest Next Siege Rough Cut Debut

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    City Template

    July 14, 2014 by TR3LON1ST

    Hey everybody,

    I have recently put the picture of Takish'Hiz on its wikia page, but it took me a while to get there. There was an infobox template named "NPC", but it would display lots of categories that made no sense for cities. So I looked up how …

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  • Mythicia77

    Guild Pages

    June 4, 2014 by Mythicia77

    In order to differentiate between Guild pages and actual in-game characters etc, it makes sense that all guild pages should be named with the prefix "Guild:" ie. "Guild: Crashtestdummies."  This will avoid scenarios that could potentially cause conf…

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  • Dexella

    For Fan Sites and Guilds

    February 12, 2014 by Dexella

    Hi everyone!

    Fansites (which include guild pages, livestreams/webshows, podcasts, blogs, and more) are a significant part of the EverQuest Next community. 

    In order to those who run the sites to be able to keep their information up to date, and to all…

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