Elysium is an EverQuest Next guild.

About the guildEdit

Elysium is a guild that will always seek to be a healthy community for all who choose to join our ranks. It is a place where people are always respected, valued, appreciated, challenged, and encouraged to reach to new achievements. Within our ranks people can expect to be treated in this way at all times. At no point is it acceptable for a member of Elysium to be disrespected by another person or person within our ranks.

A community that is to be healthy is also constantly growing. New personalities, experiences, and interests are both allowed and encouraged from our members. We seek to be bringing new members into our ranks, regardless of their origin, so that we may be always experiencing new ideas, experiences, lifestyles, and interests. We will always seek to find those who have similar goals and values so that they may be given the opportunity to become a member of our community.

Elysium seeks to provide avenues for both veterans and recruits to experience the game of SWTOR in a diversity of styles. Elysium will always be working to enhance the lives of our members through respect and honor of all players, whether they wear the Elysium guild name or not. SWTOR is game that is best experienced within the context of friends that share your values while having both shared and different interests. Elysium is a place where anyone can engage in their preferred hobbies, provided they are within the mission statement and guidelines, and expect to be treated with dignity and respect

Elysium currently resides in WoW and SWTOR. You can view the web site of the SWTOR guild until our EQN guild site is up and running.

Joining the guildEdit

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