Drinal in EverQuest Worlds
Role Goddess of prophecy and omens
Religion Seraph
Alignment Neutral
"In the next world, Drinal is the goddess of prophecy and omens. It is said that she can see all futures." ― EverQuest Worlds

Drinal is the daughter of Luclin . Together they are known as the Seers, the goddesses of past and present. In EverQuest Next, they are usually worshipped together; it is improper to worship the daughter without seeking the favor of the mother, or the mother without offering gifts to the daughter. In Drinal's sight lie all things will be and might be.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • "Drinal" is an anagram of Aldrin, in reference to Buzz Aldrin.


  1. EverQuest Worlds [1]

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