Dragon Maw
DragonMaw No Crest Flipped

Leader Dauvien Vincere
Region US/Canada (all welcome)
Focus Grouping/Community Interaction
Style Casual
Server TBD
Language English

EverQuest Next/Landmark charter

About the guildEdit

Founded in 1995, Dragon Maw existed before online gaming, as we know it today. We have participated in many MMOs including: Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Dark Ages of Camelot, Age of Conan, GuildWars, and Star Wars the Old Republic. We strive to be a large group of friends united together by our charter, and our desire to make everyone’s time online enjoyable. Our guild is one based on Loyalty, Integrity, Respect and Honor and we follow the creed “May Honor Sharpen Your Steel”.

Joining the guildEdit

  • EQN: Landmark Plans:
    • During Landmark Alpha we will be working on refining our building/trade skill/gathering skills within the realm along with helping develop what will be the Live game.  We’ll be working on both personal projects in addition to a guild wide project (to be determined but most likely a town or large hall). 
    • While we will not be actively recruiting in the game (since its more about learning and developing the live version), we will welcome people to join us who have similar interests. 
    • Many of us will be transitioning to EQN when it goes live, however we'll still have an active set of memebers in EQN: Landmark after its launch. 
    • If you are interested in joining us please feel free to talk to us in game or go out to our website and register. 
  • EQ Next Plans:
    • Once EverQuest Next starts up (Alpha/Beta/Live) we will start an active recruiting cycle advertising in game, here, and on our guild website.

External linksEdit

EverQuest Next LandmarkEdit

We currently have members who are registered as Trailblazers for the launch of EverQuest Next Landmark.  There we will gather/build/interact and hopefully contribute to some of the things you see when Everquest Next launches.  Many of us previously played EverQuest 2 and enjoyed the housing system there so we look forward to some of the ground up tools that EQN Landark will provide.

We plan to create a community/city within Landmark pooling all of our skill/time/resources into a single site.

Some of our designs from other games (Housing and Hall Designs):

EverQuest 2:

Poll QuestionEdit

What do you like most about MMOs?

The poll was created at 17:47 on December 14, 2013, and so far 9 people voted.


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