Dragons were gigantic winged lizards, imbued with natural magic that allowed them to breathe a variety of elemental breaths such as fire and acid.  In ages past, they bonded with the mortal races, giving rise to the Dragon Knights, but in the wake of the Ashfall, Ithiosar the Black led them into a cataclysmic war that resulted in the exile of the Combine from Amaril.

History and LoreEdit

The First Brood dragons were created by Veeshan herself. She being the embodiment of Order, dragons were placed on the young world of Norrath as creatures governed by that influence. Initially, the dragons had very straightforward duties and motivations, with little room for interpretetation.  As time went on, however, other influences began to creep in, and certain dragons started to interpret the will of Veeshan differently, believing that their desired ends required actions not directly called for by the Skymother.[1]  During the Keldarain Era, the dragons formed powerful spiritual bonds with the mortal races of the time, leading to the rise of an order known as the Dragon Knights.  After the end of the Era and the Knights' fall, given the mortal races' link to the cataclysmic event that broke the planet and wounded the Nor'l, the dragons became mistrustful of the future mortals that eventually came forth.[2]  This led to the rise of the Ring of Scale,[3] who brought about a devastating war with the elves, leaving the Ring in complete control of Amaril[4].  

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being magical beings, dragons are imbued with certain powers beyond that of the mortal races.  These include:

  • Flight
  • Elemental breath attacks
  • Long life
  • A specific knowledge of their own destiny from which they cannot conceive of deviating.  

Notable DragonsEdit

Ithiosar the BlackEdit

Main article: Ithiosar the Black

Ithiosar the Black was a black-scaled, acid-breathing dragon that led the Ring of Scale against the Combine in the Dragon War.


One of the dragons on the ruling council at the start of the Dragon War.


Another dragon on the council at the start of the War, in opposition to Yelinak.  Despite their differences, both he and Yelinak believed they were carrying out the will of Veeshan.


A dragon who sees the value of mortals and occasionally chooses to interact with certain individuals.

Related SpeciesEdit


Main article: Phyxian

Cat-like draconic creatures that aided the dragons in the Dragon War.


Main article: Wyvern

Smaller, less powerful winged lizards that lacked the characteristic elemental breath of the dragons.


Main article: Drakes

Larger and more powerful than wyverns, but still weaklings when compared with the dragons.

Dark ElvesEdit

Main article: Dark Elf

An offshoot of the elven race which carried draconic genes as a result of their links to the Dragon Knights.  These genes were re-activated during the time spent by the Teir'Dal in Umbra.  Despite their shared blood, the dragons and the Teir'Dal remain deadly enemies. 


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