The Combine Accord is an alliance of races from Amaril and Faydwer, formed during the Dragon War of the Dal Era. The Accord would later embark on a journey to the continent of Kunark during the Age of Exile. They eventually return to Amaril heralding a new age: The Age of Heroes.

The Combine formed under the leadership of a royal Dal family named Thex. The patriarch, Arandhon Thex, united the political leaders of the allied races of Norrath in Myris'Hul to formerly found the Combine Accord. Among these races were the Dal, the Kerrans, the Halflings, the Gnomes, the Dwarves, the Humans and the Ogres. While almost all of these races joined the Combine Accord right away, the Ogres refused at first. But when their leader, Brozka, witnessed the determination and fighting power of the Arch Mage Coralen Larkos, he joined the Combine Accord afterall. The founding of the Combine Accord was interrupted by an attack of Ithiosar and a fraction of the Dragon Army.[1]

Previous to the Age of Heroes the Combine Accord comprised of the following races:

References Edit

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