No Really, I'm on Youtube!13:58

No Really, I'm on Youtube!

First Youtube Video for Auggie on his channel StackedAuggie

This is the AuggieTV Profile page on the EQN wiki. AuggieTV is a dedicated youtuber, and streamer on for gaming. Recently AuggieTV has shown large interest in the Everquest Franchise and it's future developments, jumping onto the bandwagon with other long-time SOE fans in the hopes to help EQN make a huge step forward in the MMORPG genre of gaming.

The BeginningsEdit

Throughout highschool, Austin French took several video editting classes and kept his passion for cinema as he entered college. He began his video-making career in the early winter of 2012. AuggieBroTV was founded with his roommate and close friend Sam Cropper. The name was derived from their in-game alias' in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. Auggie and Totalbro endeavored to make the channel a place for gamers to come to find out about new games and to learn strategy for Starcraft II. Due to life choices, the two friends grew apart and went seperate ways.

Austin kept looking for ways to get back onto Youtube or twitch, but couldn't find the right push. In November of 2012, 3 months after getting married, he moved back to his college campus at BYU-I. He began streaming on playing League of Legends. Doing his best to contribute to the eSports community, he just felt it was not his niche. Going back to his roots of playing RPG's rather than RTS' or Moba style games, the search went on for how he could make his mark in the gaming world.

Finally, his recent discovery of the addition to the Everquest franchise seems to have given him the push he needed to get back on Youtube and begin on this journey with SOE and all their fans.

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