The Arch Mage oversees the use of magic within Dal society. He was responsible for the maintenance of High Magic until it disappeared as a result of the Ashfall.

Traditions Edit

The bones of the Arch Mage and others attuned to High Magic were given special treatment. Because it was believed their bodies retained powerful magic, they were preserved through techniques similar to mummification and enshrined at sites of magical power (such as the Drus Academy). Occasionally relics would be made from their bodies. For many centuries, the bejeweled hand of Lyssa Tellin, discoverer of the ritual that allowed attunement to High Magic, was carried in an ossuary by the Arch Mages who came after her. The Hand of Tellin was kept in Miragul's palace and believed lost in the Ashfall.[1]

Past Arch Mages Edit

References Edit

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